Coventry Volunteer Fire

Association Inc.



1755 Main Street

Coventry, CT 06238

Emergency Medical Services
Dive Team & Swift Water Rescue

The Coventry Volunteer Fire Association provides 24-hour volunteer coverage to the Town of Coventry. Members respond from their homes or work to emergencies throughout the day. Members often participate in duty crews. During these duty shifts, members continue to volunteer their time while standing by at a station in case of emergency. In particular, you will see duty shifts during storm emergencies, but also at other times. These duty crews allow for faster responses to emergencies.

The CVFA provides fire and emergency medical services to the town of Coventry and neighboring communities as requested. Members of CVFA are trained as emergency medical responders (EMR), emergency medical technicians (EMT), fire police, rescue divers, firefighters, or as a combination of these.